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I love women who want to awaken the wise wild woman within, empower the sacred feminine, and be the change they want to see on Earth. Women who want to co-create with the Divine Universe from love and joy of their hearts. Women who dream about being true, courageous and embrace change, grow and learn from their struggles in life so that they can shine their lights the brightest. You’re my tribe.


But it takes a lot of inner work to embrace change and embody true feminine empowerment. It can be very scary to dig deep and be fiercely honest with yourself in order to become aware of what needs to be brought into the light, to be acknowledged, healed and released both feminine and masculine aspects. It is an ongoing process to walk the path of spiritual awakening. It takes perseverance, trust and surrendering as well as help and support from other soulful sisters.


I’m here to help with that. I’ve been were you are. I get it.


I lead with love, empathy and compassion and I will help you breakthrough whatever is holding you back. I want you to be empowered, fully aligned and connected with your powerful sacred feminine without limitations from the past. Stand tall in your true power on a solid foundation of self worth, love, confidence and trust that the Divine Universe believes in you. 


All the magnificant Archangels and Ascended Masters which include Metatron the angel of ascension and Mary Magdalene the conscious feminine, they are around to help you bring heaven on Earth


Are you ready to shine?

I currently have two ways of working with me. The Angel Academy’s online courses in groups of soulful women or the options of one or more private sessions.

What My Clients Say

I had a wonderful distance healing with Jette. It was very powerful and it was like she was in the room with me.

Jette is a lovey, warm, caring and very intuitive healer.

I am so grateful to her for helping me and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for either healing or spiritual guidance.

Keep shining your beautiful light Jette    Tracy Eden

United Kingdom

I just love Jette’s way of bringing together so many different things in her sessions.

Jette was super precise on the issues and topics she tuned in to in my distant healing session.

Jette will give you great support and transformational advises no matter which process of change you are going through, and she has my deepest recommendations. Cammilla Hansen

Business Owner, Denmark

Although the healing was done in distance, I could feel the warm and gentle healing energy of Ascended Master Metatron and other angelic beings clearing my body and my energy field.

It was amazing how clearly Jette captured my topic and how accurately she performed the healing.

Thank you so much for your wonderful being and your beautiful energy, Jette! Silvia Felix

Stone whisperer & life alchemist, Spain

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